As I was doing some reflecting in conjunction with my Lent reading this morning, the thought of giving up something for 40 days during this Lent season seemed to me at first a little trivial.  The thought of giving up sweets (or whatever we give up) seem pale in comparison to Jesus sacrificing everything.  After having this thought it dawned on me that this perception was coming from a person (myself) who has never observed Lent until now and this sort of cynical attitude may actually hinder my openness to God during the weeks ahead.  So my prayer for Lent is this:

Lord, may I come into this Lent season wide open.
May I be open to things I don’t understand.
May I be open to a movement of you that is new and different.
May I experience you in new and fresh ways.
May your Spirit work in my life in whatever ways you see fit.
Lord, I submit myself to you.


3 Responses to “My Lent Prayer”

  1. Frater Bovious

    Hi! – I think your point of openness to God is spot on. That and the submission part. Lent is a call to a continuing conversion; a recognition that we are all works in progress. I like liturgical seasons because they are like, well, seasons. Having tried with greater and lesser success to “have a good Lent” for the past 10 years, I actually look forward to it each year now, and can hardly wait to learn and see what God has in mind for me this time.

    Happy Lent!


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