In my last post I wrote about a few characteristics of Jesus’ earthly ministry. One mark of his ministry was compassion. Compassion may have been the most notable emotion contributed to Jesus in the pages of scripture.


This past week Pope Francis beautifully embodied the compassion of Christ as he embraced a severely disfigured man at the end of his general audience held in Vatican city. The man suffers from neurofibromatosis which causes thousands of tumors to grow all over one’s body. It is reported that the Pope took the man’s face in his hands and kissed it. The disfigured man then buried his head in the Pope’s chest while the Pope held, prayed for and blessed him.

This picture is a beautiful snap shot of the heart of Christ and stands as an invitation and challenge to those who identify as followers of Jesus to be participants in his ministry.


One Response to “Pope Francis and The Compassion of Christ”

  1. Barb Ardell

    My cousin suffers from this problem. It is very disfiguring and tragic. But she leads a full life with the help of her family who are all devout Christians.


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