Yesterday I wrote about learning to pay attention to what God is doing in our life by recognizing and keeping track of kairos moments. Moments where the Kingdom of God is present and available in our life. These moments happen all around us all the time. Jesus said in John 5, He is always at work in our lives. Unfortunately, all too often, we aren’t aware or paying attention to these moments when they happen. Here’s a funny (and somewhat awkward) commercial that I think illustrates our need to pay attention.

When I initially saw this commercial I needed a friend to explain it to me for it to make sense. So first, a little context. The guy talking in the video is supposed to be wind. The things he does to people are things the wind may do to us. Notice what he says about how people respond.

Most people don’t pay attention to the wind. They may be aware of its presence, but they ignore it. They take it for granted. They are annoyed by it. Just like the wind, God is present and at work in our life all the time. As it says at the end of the video, “His potential is ours.” His power is also ours. The question is whether or not we are aware of it and seeking to step into it.