Do you wanna write a book? Run a marathon? Learn how to play the piano? I would love to be able to answer “Yes!” to all of these questions. I genuinely do want to do all of these things. But like anything worth doing, it’s one thing to say “Yes.” It’s another thing to actually go and do it. Not only does it take desire, but it also takes sacrifice and dedication.

The same is true when it comes to following Jesus. We may have the desire to follow Him. But saying yes to following Him and actually doing it are two different things. In Luke 18 Jesus meets a guy who genuinely wants to follow. But when he learns of the sacrifice and dedication that go along with it, he’s not sure it’s what he signed up for.

To hear this sermon click here.


2 Responses to “Barriers to Saying Yes”

  1. Blake Mankin

    Man this is so good. I’ve found sacrifice comes naturally when I consider how much I love something. When I trained for a marathon, I really hated waking up some days to get outside and jog what seemed like a million miles at five in the morning. But what pushed me out the door was the vision of crossing the finish line. It was my love for the goal that pushed me out the door. Desire and passion are different, and when I merely desire Jesus–sacrifice seems nearly impossible. But when I’m all in and loving Him with a passion, sacrifice comes almost naturally. Looking forward to listening to the whole sermon. Thanks for writing this blog. Just stumbled onto it this morning.

    • bryanmarvel

      Hey Blake – sorry it has taken me so long to approve your comment and reply. Your comment came through while my wife and I were in the hospital with the newest addition to our family.

      I agree that desire and passion aren’t the same as the sacrifice it takes to see your desires come to fruition. And when it comes to Jesus, it’s one thing to be a fan, it’s another to be a follower. Being a follower takes sacrifice where being a fan doesn’t.

      Thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to come back again soon. I’ll have to check out yours as well.


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