Have you ever received news that your heart so desperately longed to hear? We’re pregnant! They accepted our offer! I got the job!

But due to previous loss, failure and heartache there is something in your soul that doubts. There’s this voice that reverberates in your head saying, “Is this really true? Is this really happening? It seems to good to be true?”

For us who are followers of Christ, Easter is that news! Jesus who was crucified (Matt. 28:5), has been raised to life. He defeated death and conquered the grave! And oh, how we long to hear that news.

How we long to hear that death doesn’t have the last word.
How we long to know that in the end good triumphs over evil.
How we long to believe that a new world is coming that will be ruled by peace and justice.


When we walk through the grief of losing a loved one, when we hear reports about human trafficking and genocide, when we’re confronted by miscarriages of justice in the legal system, our hearts can easily doubt whether or not the good news of Easter is actually possible or happening.


Over the weekend I came across this painting by Eugene Burnand done in 1898. It’s a portrait of Peter and John running to Jesus’ tomb upon hearing the news that He came back to life. The expressions on their faces say it all.

“Could this really be true? Is this really happening? Oh, how I want this to be true. But… is this possible?”

Just a few days prior all of their hopes and dreams died with Jesus on a cross. But in one moment, in one report from a few women, a new and unexpected world had been opened to them. This was the news they longed to hear, but the question remained, were they able to believe it?

For us, on a day such as today, that same question still stands. When we are reminded that Jesus is alive and on the loose, are we able to believe it? Can we hold out hope that even in the midst of this broken world, a new world is unfolding right before us?

May you find signs of resurrection life this Easter Season!