This is my friend James Barnett. Back in 2009 he was led by God to sell everything he owned and live with the poor. For about two years he spent time traveling all over the country sharing life with the homeless population of the different cities he visited.

During that time he also started a non-profit clothing brand called Clothe Your Neighbor As Yourself (CYNY). Their mission is to donate 100% of their profits to help clothe those in need. You can find out more about my friend and his organization by checking out his blog and their website.


Today is an exciting day for CYNY as they launch their new 2014 Summer Collection. This new product line isn’t just about great clothes, it’s also about igniting a movement of love. Each of their products is attached to a specific project or cause. The profits of this collection will help provide a job for a woman rescued from sex trafficking.

The collection is titled “Make Love A Verb” and with the purchase of each shirt, in addition to providing a job, comes the challenge of demonstrating acts of love to those you come in contact with every day. 

So buy a shirt and join the movement. Help provide a sustainable job for someone in need. And pass along love to those you see today.

* You can also help get the word out by posting: “I’m joining @CYNYorg to #MakeLoveAVerb by providing meaningful jobs for women rescued from the sex trade. www.cyny.org!” Facebook and Twitter.