“It’s never too late.” So the saying goes.

So many of us have dreams of different things that we would like to do or accomplish in this life. Learn a new skill. Pick up a new hobby. Run a marathon. Write a book. Start our own business. Etc…

However, when we look at our already busy schedules, it seems impossible. When we see the finished product of someone else’s work we naturally think, “I could never do that.” Or we think that the right season of life to have pursued that dream is behind us and we missed our opportunity. But those are just excuses and lies we tell ourselves to avoid taking the risk of trying something new.

The truth is you do have the time, you just have to find it. You are able to do it, you just need to keep at it. And there is no better time than now.

Today I want share with you a musical project that my wife has been working on for the last year or so. It has always been her dream to write and record music and with the help of some good friends she’s done it!

It wasn’t easy. It took sacrifice. With a growing family of three young kids, there were plenty of reasons to think, “Not now isn’t the right time.” But at the end of the day the price of NOT doing it was great than the sacrifice it required.

I am so proud of her for not giving up on her dream and want to encourage all of you to check out her EP titled My Beginning at NoiseTrade.com. It’s free to download and I think you will find her songs to be thoughtful, honest and true.

Happy Listening! It’s never too late!



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