Life is hard and there are plenty of days when we want to throw in the towel and quit. As a reminder, above my desk sits a little plaque with a picture of a mountain simply saying, “Don’t quit.”

Right now there are people in my own life who are battling health issues. People who can’t seem to catch a break with their finances. Couples whose daily communication ends up in a shouting match. When continually facing the same trial over and over, it can lead us to a place where the only way we know how to respond is to walk away and quit.

The same is true in our spiritual life. Jesus, Himself, said in no uncertain terms that following Him was so hard it could kill you. Literally. When we come to faith in Christ thinking Christianity will solve all of life’s problems, we will be sorely disappointed when we come to realize that isn’t the case. The realization can lead us to walk away from Christ all together.

In this sermon from 2 Cor. 4, Bryan gives three reasons on how we arrive at the place of wanting to quit our faith and how we can persevere in the midst of difficulty.

You can listen to the sermon by clicking here.