It’s true. This ride actually exists somewhere in the world. It’s hard to believe, but it does.

I’ve never been a huge fan of ferris wheels, but not in a million years would I ever put my butt in one of those seats? There’s no way this ride is OSHA approved and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has seriously gotten injured on it.

There’s something ridiculous about a bunch of young men using their weight as the catalyst to propel the ride forward. But what strikes my about this video is that it’s a pretty accurate picture of how many of us live our lives.

Through out his ministry Jesus said and demonstrated multiple times that part of his mission to his people was to bring joy and delight. When the wine runs out at a wedding feast in Galilee, on the spot, Jesus makes more and keeps the party going. In other places he said he came to bring “abundant life” and desires to fill our joy completely.

However, what Jesus is ultimately trying to say is that complete joy and abundant life is found in Him. In order to access it we have to be connected to him.

In order for a ferris wheel to properly run, it needs to be connected to a power source. Otherwise you have half a dozen guys trying to make this thing go around on their own strength and truth be told, the ride probably isn’t all that enjoyable.

When I watch this video I’m reminded of all the ways I try to manufacture joy in my life when an infinite source of joy is offered to me. All I need is to be connected to it. But instead, I go chasing after joy from things that don’t last and in the end I find myself dissatisfied and worn out.

When the ferris wheel is connected to its source, the enjoyment of the ride is accessed by the push of a button or flip of a switch. When we are connected to Christ and walk in His Spirit joy is a natural part of our life. We don’t have to try to chase it down, it finds us.

Psalm 16:11 says, “In Your presence is abundant joy; in Your right hand are eternal pleasures.”

Is your life marked by abundant joy or are you running on empty trying to chase it down?



One Response to “Human Powered Ferris Wheel”

  1. simplewithsyd

    Oh….my life is definitely marked by abundant JOY as I am in Him, He fills me. More of Him, less of me….wahoo. Lose my life so I might gain it. That’s what He is doing in me. It is fun!


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