As a public speaker I understand all the challenges and fears that come with it. Whether speaking for 20 minutes or 2, it’s a very vulnerable act that came be riddled with self-doubt and anxiety. It’s just you with a mic on a platform. If you make a mistake, saying something wrong, or stumble over your words there’s no one else to cover you. You have to absorb all the criticism. It can be a terrifying endeavor.

This week I came across a very inspiring story about a stand-up comic named Drew Lynch. I was inspired by his story because I understand the difficulty of his work, both in writing material and the delivering it. The reason I found it so moving was due to the fact that he has a speech impediment. He stutters.

On a good day without a speech impediment, public speaking is hard enough. I can’t imagine facing it day-in and day-out with one. Watch the video below to see his story.

Now, I realize with the golden button, the confetti, and the emotional music it’s a little dramatic. But again, as a public speaker, knowing the determination, focus, and hard work required I so have much respect for him.

His story is an inspiring a reminder that even the most tragic situations can be redeemed. In the process we can be remade with a renewed sense of hope.

And for those of us who have always wanted to pursue a dream but have allowed fear to get in the way, Drew’s story tells us that even the most challenging obstacles, instead of hindering our dream, can be leveraged to further it.

So if you find yourself in a tragic season of life or are too scared to pursue a dream, may this story help you see your situation differently and renew your desire to carry on.


2 Responses to “This comic will inspire you and make you laugh.”

  1. simplewithsyd

    This story was beautiful indeed. The word that stands out to me is HUMILITY. God exhales the humble…big smiles.


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