As a Christian, I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that at that moment in history a new world order was unveiled. It was the beginning of a renewal movement for all of creation. As it says in Romans 8, all creation groans up to this present time. All of creation is waiting. All of creation is longing to be made new. That includes us as well.

This week in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris there has been a collective groan across the world. And coupled with our groan are a few questions. One, when is this going to end? When will terrorist attacks, school shootings, racial divides, and domestic violence come to an end? And two, if a renewal movement was launched at the resurrection, why does it seem as though nothing is being made new?

Not only do I believe in the resurrection of Christ, I also believe in the return of Christ. I believe that one day he will return and will bring to completion the restoration of all things that was started when he broke free from the grave.

In my younger years the idea of Jesus coming back wasn’t all that intriguing. There were things that I wanted to do and experiences that I wanted to have in this life. My thought was, if Jesus were to come back it would prevent me from doing those things and having those experiences.

But as I get older and see more of the pain and suffering in our world, my longing for Jesus to come back increases every day. I firmly believe that it’s only then that we will see an end to the violence that is tearing our world apart. It’s only then that creation will be made whole.

But this raises the question, what are we supposed to be doing in the mean time? How are we supposed to be living in between Christ’s resurrection and return?

I think the answer is really simple, yet incredibly challenging. We are called to be the change that we want to see in the world. If we want to see more peace in the world, we need to receive and extend the peace of God. If we want to see justice for those who are oppressed, we need to work for those who are marginalized. If we want to see love win, instead of furthering hate and violence, we need to start by loving our neighbor. Even those neighbors who oppose and hate us.

I believe no matter your spiritual orientation or religion, the desire for things to be made whole lives deep in our bones. Therefore, we hope and we wait for Jesus to return and make all things new. But instead of just hanging on and waiting until it happens, we work toward it now.

May you be the change you want to see in the world.