I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. I love the holiday season. I love the sights, the smells, and the sounds. But I also find that by the time it’s all over I am wiped out. I go, go, go, and then crash.

For many of us, this is the way we live our lives. Not just during the holidays, this is our normal rhythm of life. We go full throttle for a season. We go until our tank is bone dry. We go until we have nothing left. Then, and only then, do we stop.

I find in my own life this pattern is an unhealthy way to live. In these seasons I don’t eat well. I don’t exercise like I should. I stay up too late. I’m lethargic and sluggish. My work suffers. I push myself too hard and I end up getting sick.

We go hard. We scramble. We over work and then crash. That’s our rhythm.

But what if there was a different type of rhythm that helped us avoid burn out? What if instead of work, work, work, go, go, go, and then rest, we started from a place of rest and refreshment and worked from there. What if that rhythm of rest was prioritized and scheduled?

In the creation account in Genesis 1-2 God creates everything in six days. (Now, whether that’s a literal six days or a figurative six days, I have no idea, and not the point of this post.) And then on the seventh day God rests.

The way the writer of Genesis describes the six days is that on day six he creates man and woman. Before that day he created light and dark, the sun and moon, the sky and water, the land and sea, plants and animals. Then on day six humanity, made in his image, is the capstone of creation.

Now, when he creates Adam and Eve he gives them work. He says that they have the responsibility to care for, steward, and rule over the world in which God put them. But notice what comes next in the order of days. For six days God creates. Then on day seven he rests. Which means that for Adam and Eve God’s “seventh day” would be their “first day.” And on their first day of existence the thing they did was rest.

Their rhythm was to rest first and then work, not work until they have nothing left and then crash. Essentially, they worked from a place of rest rather than resting from their work.

During this past summer I took a break from blogging. It wasn’t an intentional break. I stopped writing because I was burnt out on trying to keep up with it. My creativity and ideas were depleted and gone. I was really discouraged and thought about throwing in the towel on writing all together. So I stopped.

But by stepping away from writing for a short period I was able to see that my desire to write still existed and the time away only increased my desire to get back to it. Also, I had new ideas on what to write about.

Coming into the fall I found a good rhythm with my writing. Posting once a week seems to be about right for me in this season of life. During this past season, I have grown to love writing more this fall than I ever have before. I think and dream about it all the time. But I also don’t want to push myself and end up burning out. So in an effort to follow the rhythm I see in Gen. 1-2, working from a place of rest, I’m gonna begin 2016 by resting from my blog.

At this point I don’t have a definite time frame, but I think it will be 4-6 weeks. This will give me some space to allow my blogging brain to rest and refresh. Come mid-February I look forward to putting our more content that will be meaningful and encouraging to my readers.

I’m not going off the grid completely. Feel free to contact with me through other social media sites or email. But things will be silent here for the next little while.

How does this idea resonate with you? In what areas of life and work do you need to prioritize rest? Maybe this new year is a good time to start a new rhythm of rest.

Grace and Peace to you as we begin this new year.


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