Over the past year I have been wrestling with the question, “Who am I?” Not in an existential sense, but specifically when it comes to my writing. Who am I as a writer?

I’ve been blogging for about 5 years. During that time I’ve also been regularly contributing to a devotional magazine. I’ve come to conclude that I love to write. I love the creativity of it, the something coming from nothing, the struggle, the discipline, the ordering of ideas and stories to hopefully touch people’s lives.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced with writing is what do I write about. I want my writing to be meaningful. I also want it to help, encourage, and challenge people.

Somewhere along the way I realized I needed to figure out who am I as a writer. I’m sure answering this question will be a continual and evolving quest as I will always be changing and evolving as well. But in this season of my life I’ve realized…

1. I love to tell stories from my own life. Stories that have caused a change in my perspective. Stories where God has taught me something about Himself through my experiences and interactions with others. Stories to which others can relate.

2. I love to write about Jesus and the scriptures, the word and the Word made flesh. God is continuing to shape my understanding of who I am through the pages of scripture and simultaneously revealing more of Himself to me.

Through the course of the fall I worked to combine these two things into a series of posts that I will be releasing over the next 10 weeks. I spent a lot of time reflecting through the first two chapters of Galatians exploring how those two chapters intersect with moments from my life, both recently and from years ago.

I will be releasing a new post every Wednesday morning starting this Wednesday.

I would encourage you to be reading through Galatians 1-2 as these post come out. That way you aren’t just reading my words, but you can connect these stories to the biblical story and hopefully find your own story there as well.

My hope is that through these posts you will be both encouraged and challenged in your own spiritual journey; and that you will come to know God better through them.

Feel free to comment and contribute on how they hit you. I would love to hear.

Grace and Peace,




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