Yesterday, I posted a piece called “The world doesn’t need a savior.” It began with me talking about my childhood love of Superman. However, I did not intend to post it.

Truth be told, I’m not even sure how it was posted. I may have accidentally hit the “Post” button instead of the “Save” button. I really don’t know. I made the realization when a few people started to comment on it.

I didn’t mean to post it because, one, it’s not done. It’s maybe only three-fourths done. Two, I’m still working on what the main point of the post will be. And three, I’m not even sure if I like the current title. So for now, I’ve taken it down.

My original intention was to post it in early February. (I try to work ahead if I can.) Any way, be looking for it again in a few weeks in a more complete form.

Thanks to all of you for following, read, and engaging. I hope you find my work to be helpful and encouraging.

Grace and Peace,