These last few weeks have been unusually busy for me. With Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent this past week, leading a marriage workshop with Becky the weekend prior, people in our family getting sick, a 3-year-old birthday to celebrate, and more, these last few weeks have been non-stop and my blog was put on the back burner.

My hope is to start putting out new content again next week. But in the meantime, here are a few quick things that I want to pass along.

  1. Lent: This year for Lent I’ve decided to give up social media. I’ve started to notice a major dependency on my phone that’s pretty unhealthy. The things that I’m drawn to are Facebook and YouTube. Ever since starting on social media over a decade ago, I’ve never been off. This seemed like a good way to create space in my life for Lent.What you will notice is that I’m still going to blog, but I’m not going to be interacting with it. Sorry. That will open up too many temptations to get sucked into all sorts of different social media platforms. You will notice that my blog posts will be posted on Facebook, but that’s because I can automatically share them via my blog and don’t actually have to get on Facebook to post them.
  2. Meadowbrook Church Blog: One of the reasons for my silence on my own blog is because we started a church blog in the last few weeks. I’m excited to have created a place for people in our church to share the stories of what God is doing in their lives. You can check it out here. We hope to be posting every week on Tuesdays.
  3. New Posting Day for My Blog: Now that I’m involved with, and oversee, two different blogs, I’m switching the day that I will be posting on my blog. Those who’ve followed my blog may have noticed that I’ve traditionally posted every Wednesday. In an effort to create some space between posts from our church blog and my blog, I am now going to be posting on Thursdays.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following, reading, and engaging. I’m grateful for your engagement with my blog.