Reading List

In a day in age were our culture is a highly visual/image based society, I believe more than ever that we need to rediscover the art of reading.  I have heard it said, “Next to a dog, a book is a man’s best friend.”  If you find yourself desiring to read something thought-provoking and insightful here are some books (in no particular order) that have significantly challenged me and have  helped me to renew my mind (Rom 12:1-2).







The Church:


Fiction & Story:




Tim Keller:

One Response to “Reading List”

  1. Melissa

    If “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” wasn’t on your list, I was so going to have to stop following you! LOL

    “Crazy Love” is one of my favorite reads of 2010.

    Um, you read some DIFFICULT stuff my friend. I am such the book snob, I love being “well-read” (makes up for not being “rich-bred”). In addition to being a book snob, I am a book-competitor – I want to read snooty hard stuff and read it first, so it kinda sucks to know you because I am reluctantly humbled by your list. ARGH!


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